A perfectly balanced water — still or sparkling.

Not all natural spring water was created equal. A crisp, satisfying taste results from just the right balance of dissolved minerals and alkalinity.

Each natural water source has a unique taste profile influenced by oxygenation, purity, and the minerals that surround it. Red Canoe comes from a limestone aquifer deep within the Caledon Hills northwest of Toronto. This is the birthplace of four rivers that gush, clean and pure, from deep within the earth.

Tested on trout

Only a small amount of our natural spring water goes into Red Canoe glass bottles. The rest burbles downhill from the source and into a trout pond. At the far end of the pond, the water winds its way through a wooded ravine.

Our trout flourish due to the water’s exceptional purity and coolness, but also thanks to an optimal pH level. Coincidentally, it’s the exact same pH as that of a perfectly healthy human body: 7.4.

What your body needs

Speckled trout are particularly sensitive to acidity, and it affects people as well. Pure, optimally alkaline natural spring water will help put your body back in balance, acting as an antidote to stress, rich foods, coffee, alcohol and a host of environmental factors that lead to a state of acidity.

Dissolved minerals

Only pure natural spring water has readily absorbable trace minerals that your body sheds every day. Tap water comes doctored with chlorine and fluoride, and when filtered it is stripped of minerals almost entirely. The minerals found in our spring water—such as calcium, potassium and magnesium—have dissolved over decades and are readily absorbed by the body.

Drinking Red Canoe Natural Spring Water is not only a treat for the palate—it also delivers significant health benefits. These superior properties are safeguarded by a rigorous testing process carried out each bottling day.

First, our spring water is naturally oxygenated as it flows. It passes through micron filters and UV light to ensure premium quality and freshness, is laboratory-tested for purity, and bottled at a temperature no greater than 7°C (44°F) within minutes of leaving the source. We’re sure you will enjoy it.